Digital Publications

digipubZ - Digital Publications, Catalogs, Buyers Guides, Technical Bulletins and Magazines.
Empowering catalog and marketing professionals to create digital interactive publications from their printed catalogs, buyers guides, technical bulletins and magazines.

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How It Works?

From your print ready PDF files, our digipubZ team will create you a visually stimulating digital publication. Your publication can be viewed on the Internet, or distributed on CDs, DVDs, USBs or any other media of choice. Remember, you own the publication, so you are free to host it on your own server, or if you wish we can host it for you.

Our digipubZ solution provides our customers with a product that reduces their costs while simultaneously expanding the reach and effectiveness of their publications. In doing so, the readers of our digital publications enjoy a media-rich, visually stimulating experience that causes them to return time and time again.

digipubZ was developed to meet all of the publishing industry needs, from catalogs to magazines to newspapers.

Features and Benefits
  • Company branded viewer interface with your corporate colors and brand logo.
  • Search for specific content. Search term is highlighted on pages where found.
  • Table of contents for easily navigating through the digital publication.
  • Virtually infinite vector zoom for clear readability.
  • Full navigation toolbar.
  • View in single or double page mode.
  • Social media integration (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Thumbnail browser.
  • Crop and email.
  • Download the publication as a PDF file.
  • Print single or multiple pages.
  • Readers can attach their own sticky notes and apply bookmarks to pages they frequently view.
  • Integrate rich media and links (video, audio, etc.)
  • Mobile web ready (iPad, iPhone and Blackberry).
  • Digital publications can be viewed directly inside of Facebook.
  • Statistical analytics can be incorporated to give insights on viewer patterns and interests.
  • Realistic page flip effect with sound.
  • Language translation feature.
Eco Friendly

digipubZ is an environmentally friendly solution that reduces the need for printing and paper usage, saving trees and decreasing green house gases. We feel extremely lucky to be in the business of helping our customers be more environmental friendly by utilizing our digipubZ solution. We believe in doing our part to help make the earth a greener place, one digital publication at a time.
Click to view a sample digital publication